Sunday, 28 April 2013

New Petition for the Save Bray Studios Campaign

Along with the renewed interest in the campaign to save the historic Bray Film Studios near Windsor, a new attempt is being made to create awareness at the widest possible level.

Our Facebook group has well over 3000 members, but simply not everyone is or wants to be on Facebook. One of the campaign activists has prepared a electronic Petition to supplement the campaign.

Whether you are part of that group or not, please take time to sign the online Petition for the campaign.

The petition states:


Bray Studios is part of our great cultural history with the Main house dating back to the 1600’s and later our cinema legacy.
We intend to preserve it.
The iconic Bray Studios, home of Hammer Horror films, the early roots of the Special Effects  
and classic movies in Britain and the cherished venue for top British musicians and rock bands is under threat of being turned into 7 “executive homes”.
The entire site consisting of studios, sound stages, workshops and backlot with the heritage Grade II listed Main House has been deliberately run into the ground, in order to keep business out and declare the property unviable and unprofitable in order to push through planning permission. 
We have a comprehensive list of eminent directors, producers, musicians and rock stars, who wanted to book stage space and were turned away with the excuse that the studio was fully booked.
The British Film Industry, the Music Industry NEED YOUR SUPORT
 Please help us by signing this petition and sending letters of support to Save Bray Studios Facebook page these will be presented to government bodies,
Thank you. 

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