Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mail on Sunday - Save Bray Article

The campaign to Save Bray Studios isn't through yet. While planning permission was granted last year for the redevelopment, the campaign has been quietly building momentum again and is making renewed attempts to bring the plight of the complex to the attention of the world once more. A number of key figures in the film and entertainment industry are weighing in.

Redevelopment could be imminent. We simply don't know when the bulldozers will be brought in (possibly sooner than later).

The Mail On Sunday have published an article today on the threat to the studio. While very centred on the Hammer history (Hammer/Exclusive founded the studio, and are very much back in vogue, so it makes good sense), it also indicates the campaign has the support of Richard O'Brien (whose cult film Rocky Horror Picture Show was shot at the studio) and Terry Gilliam (Monty Python, The Fisher King, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus) who has also used the studio.

You can read the article for yourself here:

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