Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Planning application now formally submitted

Neville Hendricks and the Bray Studios Management through developers Pegasus have now lodged their formal planning application, which is pretty much as expected from last year. We at Save Bray are obviously deeply disappointed that the developers have completely ignored our appeals to date, and are pushing ahead with their attack on the cinematic cultural history of the UK through a warped and misleading statement of the current state of affairs. 

I'm currently in the process of reviewing the 150+ documents that make up the planning applications, and I would encourage you to do the same.

The two applications relating to the conversion of Down Place back into a residential dwelling, and the total destruction of the historic Bray Studios themselves are here:

Thanks to campaigner David Cook for spotting these, and for the associated links. Please review information on RBWM website on correct procedure for commenting on planning applications:

There is still time to lodge objection to the plans, and we have received the following information:

"The plans are due to go up for discussion by Bray Parish Council on April 4 and then with the Royal Borough who will make the final desicion in June. Member of this (Save Bray Studios) group are able to make representations at both meetings if they wished to do so and I will post any new info I have on the group wall."

We would encourage members of the group to make representation at the meetings. If I can, I'll personally attend both meetings, but it would help if others could do same.

You can also continue to get involved in the debate via the Facebook group here: