Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Bray Management accounts

The last few months has seen continued activity at Bray Studios, though not even verging on capacity. My visit to the studios in August for the consultation revealed the studio to be quite run down cosmetically. Weeds were strewn across the site, which certainly give the impression of something like an abandoned ghost town, but are purely cosmetic problems easily dealt with by a groundsman with a hoe, rake, pair of gloves and a bottle of weedkiller.

The house certainly does need work done, but we still refute that the studio itself needs to be torn down - and we'll address some of the lingering issues and news over the next week or so here.

A visit to Companies House this morning and using their web-check system reveals that Bray Management Ltd, the current owners of Bray Studios and those behind the plans to destroy the complex, are late with their accounting returns. The accounts were due on 31 December 2010, but as of today (19 January 2011) are late. This is a common occurrence when businesses are in financial difficulties or about to start winding up procedure, so we wouldn't be surprised if Bray Management are planning to transfer the complex into private hands and close the shutters permanently.

Of course, this is purely speculative at this time, but worth watching out for.

Despite being late with accounts, just two days ago they filed a 'Declaration of Satisfaction In Full or Part of A Mortgage/Full Charge'. It would take someone better versed in finance than me to go through the Bray accounting history, and if anyone has or can provide more information, do get in touch.

Fuller accounts can be bought and downloaded from Companies House for perusal, but for the moment we will share the following publicly available information about Bray Management Ltd., which may be of interest:

Registered office: Brooklawn, 12 Littleworth Road, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9PD
Company No.: 02473986
Date of incorporation: 23/02/1990
Nature of Business: 9231 - Artistic and Literary Creation.

Nice to know Bray Management is supposedly interested in Artistic Creation rather than property development...

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