Monday, 9 August 2010

Last day to get comments in to architects of proposed Bray Film Studios redevelopment

If you can, please email the architects of the proposed Bray Film Studios redevelopment - Pegasus Planning Group - with your concerns regarding the plans. They have asked for submissions by 10th August (ie. tomorrow). 

Because of copyright restrictions I can't post the leaflet itself on here, but I can direct you to the specific (weighted) questions that have been posed. 

The specific questions asked on the pamphlet that was distributed at the Bray exhibition are as follows: 

1. Do you support the proposed demolition of the large studio buildings and removal of the areas of hardstanding? Yes / No 

2. Do you support the principle of retaining Down Place and returning it to its former residential use? Yes / No 

3. Do you agree that the proposals would enhance the openness and visual amenities of the greenbelt? Yes / No 

4. Do you agree that the density of the proposed development is appropriate? Yes / No 

5. Do you agree that the proposals will enhance the setting of the listed building? Yes / No 

6. Do you agree that it is appropriate to retain an element of employment as part of the overall development? Yes / No 

7. Are there alternative proposals that should be considered such as storage and distribution? A more standard style of residential redevelopment? Yes / No 

8. Other Comments 

Your name [Optional] 

Road name / Post Code [Optional] 

Please take the time and email comments to 
We would encourage you to oppose the current redevelopment plans, which do not address the issue of maintaining the use of Bray Studios as a film studio, or retaining the existing buildings. 
Again this week I have reports from a contact interested in purchasing the property or leasing it for film production, who are unable to make contact with the owner Neville Hendricks. The various companies including Bray Management are seemingly unwilling to co-operate and open discussions - in stark contrast to what Hendricks said to parties at the exhibition last month. 

It may also be prudent to email you concerns to the Maidenhead/Windsor Planning Council ( and the Department for Culture Media and Sport ( Whilst formal planning isn't in yet, voicing concern is very important. 

Thanks again to everyone for your support.

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  1. Bray film studios must stay if they tear down this building there will never be anything of our film industry, this is english heritage and we must save building such as these for the next generation to come.